Website Maintenance Pricing Plans

Website maintenance/management is often an afterthought for many businesses…AND IT SHOULDN’T BE.

When you think about the costs of website maintenance, you can think of this two ways.  First, what are the costs of having it done – and second, what are the costs of not doing it?

Can you afford for your website to be down a few days while it’s being rebuilt?

Whoever is designated to take care of the website often does so without immediate access to technical support. The need for that support is often prompted by a crisis created by hackers, or a broken site due to out-of-date software. 

The “do it yourself” approach to webmaster services can be a costly mistake when something goes wrong. And because of WordPress’s popularity as a Content Management System, it represents a prime target for the hacking community.  

My Website Care & Maintenance Packages ensure continuity of your online business activities with minimal effort from you.

I provide you with the technical support you require – without the costs of recruiting and managing another staff member who possesses the hard-to-acquire skills and experience to manage a business website.

  1. You receive all the website maintenance assistance you’ll ever need, without having to hire a full-time employee.
  2. Your website will be in cared for by a professional with 15 years of experience.
  3. I follow best industry practices that eliminate amateurish errors.
  4. No more unnecessary downtime on site, server or email, no more lost data.

The cost of maintaining a website depends heavily on what the site is designed to do, and how it was built.  Ultimately it comes down to time: How much time from a professional does your site need to operate well?

Wondering what plan you may need?  Check out my blog on Generalized WP Maintenance to find a good parallel for your own website

Our Website Care Pricing Plans are listed below: