Accent Graphix is moving to downtown Madison

10 w mifflin st

Accent Graphix is moving office locations from Middleton to Madison’s gorgeous Capitol Square.

I AM SO EXCITED to announce to announce that we are moving to new location at 10 W Mifflin on November 1, 2018.  I will be sharing office space with the following amazing companies:   The Capitol Group, Wisconsin Grocers Association and the Wisconsin Propane Gas Association.

I have been at my current location since 2013 and 10 W Mifflin St Accent Graphixhave loved working out of my home office! I realized over the past year that I am outgrowing my home office, therefore it became time for me to move.  I’ve always loved downtown Madison…the Capitol Square, State Street, the Capitol Building, and I can’t possibly forget the fabulous restaurants to choose from.  Oh, all right…. I’ll name a few of my favorites:


Being in downtown Madison will help me reach new markets and of course there is the beautiful upgraded facilities! I am so excited to be downtown again!

Thank you to the Mullins Group for the use of the photo(s) of the front of the building at 10 W Mifflin St.

Great photography and amazing shot of the capitol in the windows!

Come down and visit!

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