Website Trends for 2017

I’ve seen a lot of amazing website designs in 2016 and I’m eager to see what 2017 has in store for website and website design.

According to web design trends at “”, there are several design trends we can look forward to, such as:

The end of flat design– With everything on the web beginning to look the same, designers are opting for some differentiation in their design styles. Flat design is ending for the most part in favor of layouts and designs that are more imaginative and unique. Designers feel that the creativity is gone, and with the desire to create something great, I see flat design ending for the most part in favor of layouts and designs that are more imaginative and unique.


Geometric shapes, lines, and patterns -The use of geometric shapes, lines, and patterns have really taken off in the late part of 2016, and we anticipate this continuing through 2017.

Imaginative heading styles – We’re starting to move away from the basic heading style seen on websites (san serif, all caps, centered heading) and moving more toward imaginative or creative headings. Changing up the heading style is a welcomed way to be unique in your design.


Duotone gradient imagery- In the pursuit of staying more on brand, more brands are using duotone imagery and graphics for their websites. 


Increased use of animations and GIFs – Animations are starting to be used more heavily on websites as they are often a great way to show how something works, how to do something, or otherwise reveal meaningful content. GIFs have been used for this purpose, but now we are seeng GIFs becoming more sophisticated and animations using SVG and CSS to achieve some pretty unique design elements. 


Navigation diets – Instead of overly complicated and long navigations, more and more sites are starting to simplify their navigation down to about four to five items. Keeping navigation to a minimum also helps visitors to focus on the intent at hand, instead of trying to find a way off the page.


2017 is sure to see some great websites, and these design trends will most definitely be seen on some of the best website designs yet to come.

From hand drawn elements to duotone images, imaginative headings to more focused content layouts, to microinteractions to animations, these design trends will dominate web design in 2017.

credit: http://thenextweb

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